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Green Energy

All our energy at Global at all our UK offices & warehouses are 100% from renewable sources.


We have recycled our waste at all our UK office locations for the last eight years.

We currently recycle 29% of our overall waste and the rest goes to producing new energy, with a continued commitment of zero waste to landfill.

Plastics & disposables

Global is committed to eliminating single-use plastics at all our UK offices, which we aim to achieve by the end of 2019.


As far as possible, we encourage a paper-free environment at Global’s offices, with facilities and technology in place across the business to limit the necessity for printing or using paper.

Global’s offices are a largely paper-free environment.

Video conferencing

Global employs various video conferencing platforms, available to all globallers, to reduce the need for travel as much as possible.

Our transmitters

Global’s transmitters are powered 99% from renewable energy sources through our third party transmissions provider.

Other third party vendors we use

We are currently undertaking a review of all our major third party vendors to ensure they meet Global’s high standards of environmental care.

Our Events

Global are removing the use of single-use plastics in our catering & beverages backstage at all our events from December 2019. We will be urging our venue partners to do the same front of house.

We will not use pyrotechnics that contain plastic at our events from October 2019.

We are reviewing the use of plastics in all other areas, signage etc., however the balance of fire rating compliance vs no single-use plastic usage is something we also have to consider.





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