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client objective

Santander had a strong share of the overall mortgage market, but under-indexed against ‘First-Time Buyers’ – making them a massive growth opportunity. The main aim was to improve specific product awareness of their mortgage offering, and overall consideration of them as the mortgage provider among the First-Time Buyer audience.

how did global help?

Santander ran a 6-week campaign, targeting users across DAX and DAX Podcasts. The DAX activity specifically targeted segments who were in-market for a home and a mortgage. The DAX Podcast activity then targeted a wider bespoke ‘Property Audience’, bringing DMP data to the podcast environment. To maximise media effectiveness the audio was also synced to the locations of the outdoor poster sites.

did it work?

The podcast environment was perfect for Santander, with research showing they generate up to 4.4x better brand recall than other digital formats. The campaign successfully increased awareness and consideration, and provoked positive emotions among our target market.

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