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This cookie statement is designed to help you understand more about how cookies work and how we use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small file containing a line of text that is sent and stored on your computer when you visit a web site. Cookies help to provide a better and faster experience by helping a website remember information about your visit to make your next visit easier and the site more useful to you.

We use cookies for many purposes. Cookies are set by us and also by some of our partners (for example advertisers), as detailed below. Some or all of the cookies identified below may be stored in your browser.

Our Cookies

The types of cookies we use all fall into one of four categories:

1. Strictly Necessary and Functional
You need these cookies for our websites to work properly. For example, if the website is only permitted to function in certain geographic areas, you’ll need a cookie to enable you to access it or these cookies support the function of certain operations on our sites or services; for example, we use a music radio cookie to enable you to listen to any of our audio streams.

If you delete or block these cookies, some of the features on our site may not work effectively or at all.

2. Performance and analytics
These cookies allow us to understand how our visitors engage with our websites and apps, for example count the total amount of page visits and sources of traffic so that we can measure and improve the performance of our sites and apps. They also enable us to understand how users without personally identifying visitors, on an anonymised aggregated basis, use our sites.

This cookie will never collect information in a way that could identify you personally, unless you are a signed in registered VIP (see Section 4 below).

3. Personalisation and Advertising
These cookies allow us to provide a high-quality experience by customising the content that we offer you across our sites.

We might use the information collected by these cookies to highlight articles or site services that we think will be of interest to you based on the articles and other content you have viewed when visiting any of our websites.

They enable us to deliver to you relevant advertising (our own and that of our Partners) on our websites and in our mobile apps. We also use these cookies to inform us when we have shown you an advert, to ensure we do not show you the same content too often.

Cookie choices

When you first visit this site, or the first time you visit after you have deleted our cookies from your device, you will be presented with a notice informing you that our sites use cookies. That notice will include a link to this statement. If you continue to use the site after being presented with that notice, we will assume that you are happy with our use of cookies as described here unless you opt-out.

How other companies’ cookies are used

We allow certain third parties to set and access cookies on your computer. These companies’ use of cookies is subject to their own privacy policy and cookie policy.

Third Party Service More information

Adobe Analytics

Exelator (Nielsen)

Google Analytics


Disabling or blocking cookies

If you want to learn how to disable cookies or if you want more information on cookies, please click here

You can delete cookies at any time using your internet browser settings and you can also set your browser so that cookies are automatically blocked and prevented from being set.

 How can I manage the use of cookies on this website?

All browser technologies enable you to manage the cookies. This means that you can either delete cookies from your cookie folder once you have finished your visit at our website or you can set your preferences with regard to the use of cookies before you begin browsing our website.

How to remove cookies via a Browser:

You can find out further information at:

How to Opt-out of Advertising Cookies from Global and its Partners:
To exercise your right to opt-out of receiving personalised ads from third party advertisers and advertising networks who are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), or who follow the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) regulatory principles for Online Behavioural Advertising, you can by visiting the opt-out pages on the NAI website, or click here to opt out.

If you disable or block cookies, our websites may not function properly, and you may not be able to use all of the features of our sites.

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