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Setting the news agenda across the UK and beyond

LBC (Leading Britain’s conversation)’s award-winning journalism sets the news agenda and holds the political establishment to account. Reaching 2.4 million every week, people come to LBC for the side of the story that no-one else shows.


Upmarket, mature and intelligent – let’s talk about LBC listeners. They’re the kind of consumers that advertisers love. They want to be a part of the conversation – engaging with presenters and each other about major stories and the issues that matter to them.


weekly UK listeners


The majority of the LBC audience are male at 62%

ABC1 adults make up 62% of LBC’s audience

54% of LBC listeners are aged 25-54

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The first commercial radio station ever licensed in the UK, LBC is on 97.3FM in London, nationally on DAB and worldwide on Global Player.

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