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Here are the facts:

• Below we will tell you how we use your personal information.

• Personal information means details such as your name, email address, date of birth or preferences like your listening choices.

• You should speak to an adult to check that it’s OK before you give us your personal information.

• You can always contact us at if:

– you are not sure about anything you read here.
– you want to find out what information we hold about you or if you want us to send you a copy of it.
– you want us to update the information we hold, or if you want us to stop using your data.

What is a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is a notice describing how we collect, use, keep and share the personal information we hold about you. It is part of our commitment to making sure that we use your personal information in a way that you understand and is fair.

This version has been written especially for our under 18 audience and highlights some of the important things that are covered in more detail in our full privacy policy. If you are interested in the more detailed description or you want to know how long we keep your information for, you can read our full privacy policy here.

Who are we?

Global is the name of the company behind Global Player and all the music and media businesses you will recognise, such as Capital, Radio X, Capital XTRA, Capital Dance and our pop and internet culture website, PopBuzz.

You can see more about all of our different business names and our companies on our full Privacy Policy but “Global Media Group Services Limited” is the main Company we use to collect and store your information.

This is important: Many of the adverts you see – for example if you visit one of our websites – are run by other businesses. Clicking on the links will take you away from the Global website or the app you are using. We don’t have any control over these other sites so always check their privacy policy before providing your information to them.

What information do we collect about you?

Whilst the information we collect will depend on how you use our services, we will usually ask for things like:

• Your name, address, phone number and email address
• Your date of birth and gender
• Your username and password
• We will also gather information about you, like:
• the IP address (a code given to devices like your laptop and mobile phone when connected to the internet).
• other information about the device you are using (like your mobile phone type),
• information about how you use our services (such as what you listen to or what webpages you have looked at).
• whereabouts you are in the world when you use our services (your location)
• Posts you make about us on Social Media.

We may also get information about you from other places, for example if you have taken part in a survey or entered a competition with another business and agreed that they could share your information; or you have said it’s OK to another website placing a “cookie” on your device. We can make guesses about your likes and dislikes from this type of information.

A cookie is a code placed on your device that remembers things like website pages you have visited and what you might have clicked on.

This is important: We don’t want to hold any sensitive information about you, like information about your health or religion, so please do not give us this information unless we have specifically asked you if you will be willing to tell us AND you are happy that we have explained to you how we will use this information.

We gather information when you:

• create an account to listen to our radio stations, playlists and podcasts on Global Player;
• visit any of our websites;
• call, text or message us;
• enter a competition;
• sign up for a VIP account; or
• post comments on social media.

What we use your information for

We use your personal information where you have given us your consent to:

• email or text you about products, events, services and promotions that we or our approved business partners are offering
• send you notifications on your device
• provide personalised messages and content if you are a member of our VIP programme
• gather personal information about you through the use of a cookies placed on your device – which can be used to deliver personalised advertising messages to you. You can manage these “cookies” using our Privacy Manager.

You can change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time and we will stop this activity – to do this, contact us at

We will also use your personal data where we have to comply with a legal obligation or where it is needed to meet a business interest that is important to us, such as:

• to enable you to listen to our radio stations, playlists and podcasts on Global Player or on our websites.
• to ensure the security of your information and our services
• ensure that our websites and apps work properly.
• to help protect you (and others) from mistreatment or harassment and keep you safe.
• to carry out market research.
• to deal with any requests, complaints, and enquiries you might have, for example, to answer your questions or to respond to a comment or complaint.
• To prevent or detect a crime, anti-social behaviour and help organizations such as the Police or the Government.

Who we might share your information with?

We share your information within our business and with our “service providers” such as our IT systems support. With these other companies we make sure that your information is protected and cannot be used by them without our permission. We also take extra care if these services mean we have to send your personal information to other countries, like the USA.

This is important: When you agree that we can put a “cookie” on your device (like your mobile phone), we and others can use this for something called “online Behavioural Advertising”. This allows us and other websites or apps you use to see what you are interested in and display adverts to you based on this knowledge. You can choose not to receive personalised adverts at any time by turning this option off in our Privacy Manager.

You can use your device and Global Player Account to link to a smart speaker such as Amazon Alexa. Once linked and if you have agreed to receive personalised advertising from us (as explained above), you may also receive adverts through our audio streams when you select them on your smart speaker. The company that provides your smart speaker service shares with us an identifier (in the form of a string of characters) to allow us to do this, but it does not share any other personal data about you with us and we don’t share information we hold about you with your smart speaker provider.

You can choose not to receive personalised adverts at any time by turning this option off in our Privacy Manager

Where to find the Privacy Manager

When you first visit our site or download our apps (or if you have deleted any of our previous cookies from your device), Privacy Manager will automatically pop up. You can also find the Privacy Manager link at the bottom of all our brand webpages or in the “settings” on our apps, like Global Player. You can change your cookie preferences in Privacy Manager at any time.

For more information on the Privacy Manager please see our Cookie Policy.

Your rights in relation to how we use your personal information.

The law gives everyone rights over their own personal information. Full details of these rights and what they mean can be seen in our full Privacy Policy but please remember that you can:

• Ask to see what personal information we hold about you and have a copy of it
• Ask us to correct anything that we have wrong such as your name or your email address.
• Ask us to stop using your information or to delete it or withdraw your consent.
• Ask us to stop sending your marketing messages.

Remember – you can always contact us if you have any questions about how we use your personal information by emailing us at





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