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client objective

Berocca is always looking for new ways to capture consumers’ attention and imagination.

Brand owner, Bayer, asked their agencies for a new approach to creative and media planning to drive awareness and trial of Berocca Boost.

the thinking

The Berocca brand is all about providing energy when you need it so we created a campaign that combined industry first audio innovation with smart targeting and dynamic creative to target people in their “moment of need” and make it easy to purchase or find out more.

With ecommerce proliferating and voice commerce a rapidly emerging channel, we worked with Berocca to create actionable audio ads that drove to a smart speaker skill, developed by Say It Now, to facilitate purchase.

making it happen

The start of the user journey was a dynamic audio ad delivered on Amazon smart speaker. Different versions of the ad ran by time of day, day of week and weather. Digital audio listeners could use voice commands to interact with their smart speaker and ask Alexa, the voice assistant, for more information about the Berocca product and to order it directly. Once the listener had interacted with the skill, they returned to their listen stream.

Global delivered an industry first, making Berocca the first FMCG brand to embrace this audio innovation.


42% of those who used the skill asked for more information, driving quality leads for Berocca.

18% of those who used the skill asked to be taken to Amazon to order the product.

8.3 million on air impacts, over delivering vs plan and reaching an additional 100k people.

Date: February 2021

Source: Global Data and Say It Now skill report

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