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client objective

A toddler’s palate is physically different to that of an adult, making a child’s taste literally different to those of a grown up. Organix wanted to reaffirm their brand positioning with parents that ‘nobody understands tiny tastes like Organix’. While many parents care about what their kids eat, most don’t have time to read the small print, often put off by the overselling of nutritional information. Therefore we had to do more than just reach people, we had to reach them in a fun and accessible way.

the big idea

Taste manifests itself in many ways and isn’t exclusive to food, which gave us room to get creative. With tastes in clothes, cars, and even people, we decided to apply this principle to music. In the same way Organix specially designs their food for tiny taste buds, we redesigned Britain’s favourite feel good radio brand and its playlist for tiny ears (or ‘audio palates’) to reaffirm Organix’s taste credentials.

making it happen

We created a brand new 24/7 pop-up station built just for little people, playing much loved feel good songs from Heart’s playlist but with each track musically ‘reimagined’ to suit the tastes of toddlers. After all, ‘nobody understands tiny tastes like Organix’.

Heart’s programming team analysed playlist data to identify which artists were most likely to resonate with parents and worked with the music licensing team ‘Rock-a-bye-baby’ to secure reimagined versions of Heart favourites from the likes of Beyonce, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Heart’s production team created a suite of audio assets to populate the stations and make it sound just like the real thing, including co-branded station idents, sweepers and trails. Ad-breaks on the station were used exclusively by Organix to promote different products from their range and land the story behind how Organix understood toddlers’ tastes like no one else.

The station was hosted live on Global Player for 12 weeks alongside Heart’s existing suite of stations (e.g. Heart 80s and Heart Dance) and promoted across the Heart Network. Support extended to editorial, on-air promotion, social media and DAX.


The campaign won three categories at the 2021 Campaign Media Awards:

Creative Idea: Budget Under £250K

Branded Content: Audio

Media Partnerships: Budget Under £250K

Toddler Trax reached over 1.4m parents with kids aged 0-4 and gained celebrity followers like Gordon Ramsay on social media. Post campaign research with Heart listeners showed significant shifts in all the major brand metrics, including:

+ 9% point increase in brand awareness of Organix

+ 13% point increase in perceptions of the Organix brand (average across all brand perceptions)

+ 19% point increase in consideration of Organix products

Date: July 2020

Sources: IRi and Differentology 2020

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