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2021 People with Face Masks on London Underground

client objective

In January 2021 to encourage clients to advertise on the London Underground, Global launched “Audience Guaranteed”. Essentially, this meant we could react to audience movement changes by monitoring entry and exit data through our unique partnership with TfL – ensuring the impacts we expect to deliver can be guaranteed despite uncertainty on potential lockdowns.

Global’s partnership with TfL allows us to collect entry and exit data to London Underground. Through robust monitoring of audience movement across the network we can manage any potential drop in audience for a campaign and reactively up-weight, ensuring estimated impacts are protected.

how did global help?

In January we ran an Audience Guaranteed campaign over-delivering impacts for our client. The full January lockdown was announced shortly after this campaign had booked. We therefore forecast a slight under-delivery and applied a D6 upweight to counter this.

Our Data team tracked audiences prior to and during the campaign and as a result of audience mobility shifts we activated two Digital 6s up-weights and an extension to the Classic 6s.

did it work?

At campaign completion we delivered 18.6m impacts, 16% more than guaranteed.

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