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Halfiax Streethub campaign with Global

client objective

The objective of this campaign was to celebrate local heroes and those who had gone above and beyond for their communities in 2020. Halifax wanted to find ‘Britain’s Best Neighbour’ and give a voice to these people all while in creating brand warmth for the bank and positioning it as ‘The People’s Champion Bank.’

how did global help?

The campaign was split into two phases – ‘Recruit’ and ‘Celebrate’. The first phase, ‘Recruit’ consisted of a two-week long co-branded content campaign which directed listeners to a bespoke online hub to nominate their best neighbour. In the second phase of the campaign we selected the best nominations and brought them to life through on air Brand Tailored Adverts, telling the stories of Britain’s Best Neighbours. We also utilized our OOH portfolio here by creating street screens across the country with photos of the neighbours.

did it work?

The campaign enabled us to give a voice to the unsung heroes of the year and ensured Halifax had a strong presence across multiple media outlets, successfully positioning it as a bank for the people, by boosting brand image and consideration.

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