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client objective

Lego wanted to be kept top-of-mind during a time when adults are looking for moments of ‘Joyful Focus’, whilst driving an emotional connection with the audience by tapping into their passion points.

the big idea

Our podcast hosts could evangelise about how Lego promotes mindfulness or ‘Joyful Focus’ as Lego describe it, during lockdown when we needed it most. As people can tap into their specific passion points through a wide variety of Lego sets, there was a great opportunity to use a variety of podcast content, Health and Wellbeing, Comedy, Culture and Autos to highlight Lego’s versatility across audiences.

This was built on by using DAX targeting to reach audiences that would relate to the joyful focus messaging. Immersive and engaging 3D and standard audio encapsulated Lego’s personality and product range, whilst reinforcing their core message of ‘Find your Joyful Focus’

Finally targeting was used to ensure that ads for Lego’s architecture, art and car sets were delivered to listeners with an interest in those areas.

making it happen

To deliver an effective campaign for Lego, different targeting and audio assets were used.

There was a clear synergy with podcasts and Lego’s Jofyul Focus’ messaging. A selection of podcasts were identified to tie in the with the mindfulness message, as well as looking at those that had a connection to the architecture, art and car sets that Lego were promoting. Host read ads ran on Lockdown Parenting Hell, Out! With Suzi Ruffell, Car Throttle, Open Mind with Frankie Bridge, Johnny Vaughan, Life Interrupted with Simon Thomas.

The campaign was extended further using 3D audio ads to target audience segments on DAX. The campaign delivered impressions to happiness seekers, idea seekers, Comfort seekers, Contemplators, Quick fix, Energetic enthusiasts, Health and wellbeing enthusiasts.

Set specific ads were also targeted to those with a passion for architecture, art or cars to ensure that listeners heard about sets they would have an interest in.


The campaign made a connection with its intended audience and drove the ‘Joyful Focus’ messaging.

The campaign drove familiarity of the the Lego for adults set, increasing familiarity by 10% points. The DAX 3D spot performed best delivering a 12% point increase.

There was a 11%point increase in agreement that Lego allows adults to unplug form everyday life – delivering the ‘Joyful Focus’ message.

This led to a 6% point increase in purchase intent for Lego sets. The podcast host reads performed really strongly on this metric, increasing purchase intent by 10% points. Targeting creative by interest also drove incredible results – those with an interest in cars that heard the car set creative saw purchase intent increase by 14%.points.

Source: On Device research

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