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Newslink is Independent Radio News’ (IRN) networked solus advertising spot adjacent to the news.


we’ve got it covered

No matter who you’re targeting, it’s certain that our network has the right listeners for your message, anywhere in the UK.

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15+ adults every week*

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UK coverage


average impacts per day

attentive audience

Radio is the most trusted source of news in the UK (Radiocentre Breaking News Report) – when a bulletin begins, people stop to listen.

The Newslink spot is adjacent to news bulletins, speaking to an audience at their most attentive and receptive.

stand apart from the crowd

In each Newslink bulletin, listeners hear just one Newslink advert.

Solus and uncluttered by any other message, your brand is free to connect to the listener without distraction.

modal targeting

With hourly slots, Newslink enables the placement of relevant adverts based on the daily routines of the target audience. Research reveals this leads not just to greater engagement but a lower cost per acquisition.

There are 47 Newslink spots broadcast on the hour from 6am-11am daily, as well as at 1pm during the week, and from 7am-12pm on weekends. This provides ample opportunity to target consumers with the right product at the right time.

key moments with consumers

weekday morning spots

weekday morning spots

Running 6am-11am, Monday to Friday, offering the opportunity to target consumers at the key times of breakfast, commuting and mid-morning hours.

weekday lunchtime spots

weekday lunchtime spots

Reaching listeners at a key time for your brand during their day to day routine.

weekend morning spots

weekend morning spots

Hourly slots running throughout the weekend enabling relevant adverts to be heard based on our listeners weekend lifestyles.

what our customers say

It really competes with the likes of TV when you’re looking for ways to be cost efficient

I’ve worked with Newslink over the years and not only have they got a great team – the Newslink package is a powerful solus environment to be in for any commercial partner that wants to create standout around the News feature on radio.

Reach over 27 million adults every week across the syndicated group really competes with the likes of TV when you’re looking for ways to be cost efficient with your clients’ budgets and that’s why we will continue to use Newslink.

Neil Tookey
Investment Manager at Maxus

A unique offering in the market that allows us to reach a huge audience across the whole of the UK

Newslink is an excellent commercial radio product that we regularly invest in.
It’s a unique offering in the market that allows us to reach a huge daily/weekly audience across the whole of the UK in a prime, solus position.

The strength around the news environment is unparalleled for a medium such as radio and offers great modal opportunities for our clients’ needs.

Charlie Yeates
Board Director at Mediacom


The SEAT campaign utilised the incremental effect of using radio and outdoor in unison, by ‘syncing up’ a Newslink campaign with our digital outdoor roadside assets.

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proof that it works
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Looking for the success stories? We have an ever-growing library of case studies demonstrating how we helped brand achieve their campaign goals.

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