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We’re home to some of the city’s biggest and best-loved commercial radio stations. 

Our radio brands include Capital North East, Heart North East and Classic FM, plus there’s our extensive outdoor estate, including everything from Tyne and Wear Metro, billboards and bus advertising to choose from.

Combined, this extensive media portfolio provides the most entertaining and visible way of effectively advertising your business.

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Newcastle upon Tyne is a university city on the River Tyne in North East England and is twinned with the city Gateshead.




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awareness, relevance, fame

Helping advertisers to drive brand awareness, brand relevance or brand fame.

  • Brand Awareness – delivering reach to multiple demographics at scale
  • Brand Relevance – using smart, data led targeting to pinpoint your target audience at relevant touchpoint throughout the day
  • Brand Fame – delivering standout, creativity and impact

Global is the market leader in advertising on radio, outdoor and DAX (our Digital Advertising Exchange).  No one else can deliver this level of coverage like Global does, nor compete with our strong regional presence and knowledge.



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radio & entertainment

radio & entertainment

Tune into our radio audience in Newcastle.

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We can help you drive brand awareness, brand relevance or brand fame for your business, individually across our road, rail & retail environments. The best campaigns will include the right mix of all three elements.

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Looking to target a different region? We entertain and reach 51.7 million individuals across the UK every week.

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(Sources: **RAJAR Q3 2020 (6 months)/Total Global (UK) reach in Heart North East TSA) **Q3 20 RAJAR trading figures are based on the Q1 survey, but run on a 12 month roll with updated census data. Results in station’s own TSA. Weekly reach 15+, Target Group Index)





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