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Global’s National Rail offering provides solutions in towns and major cities across the UK, including London, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

On average, passengers spend 7-13 minutes at their respective National Rail station, which gives them plenty of time to digest and act upon advertising messages.


Rail audiences are growing, and passengers develop habits and routines which become entrenched into their journeys. Identifying these touchpoints allows us to effectively target this audience.


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There are a huge range of classic and digital formats to choose from across the National Rail network.

Advertise on our high quality broadcast formats like 48 sheets, 6 sheets and 4 sheets, or on our high-impact large format including the Digital Gateway @ Manchester Victoria.


travel for business

commuter audience

Rail delivers repetitive, habitual travel patterns, with noticeable audience spikes during morning and evening rush-hour times.

go digital

Global has a national D6 portfolio across the rail network. In London, we offer combined environment packages like the Oyster zone, London Commuter and National Transport which together, delivers an unparalleled London commuting audience every single day.

We also offer a D12 format across the South Western Railway network which yields an AB audience of 50% – the highest of all rail networks in the UK.

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go big

If you’re looking to achieve maximum brand fame, Global offers exclusive experiential marketing opportunities for brands looking to truly engage with commuter audiences.

Broaden your campaign’s potential with station takeovers, installations and on-board activations, or go bold with full train wraps.

brand experience

At Global, we care about how we make audiences feel, through experiences that capture hearts and minds.

Whether it’s raising brand awareness, brand consideration or promoting a new product, our brand experiences make moments matter at key times and in targeted locations to achieve your brand objectives.

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proof that it works

Looking for the success stories? We have an ever-growing library of case studies demonstrating how we helped brands achieve their campaign goals.

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We offered the right audience, in the right place, at the right time, driving recall, awareness and consideration of Vicks among commuters.

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esme loans

Driving brand awareness with a multi-format outdoor campaign running across London, Manchester and Birmingham sites.

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Using Dax to drive consideration and action.

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Purple Bricks TCP London Underground campaign - Global
Vicks London Underground campaign - Global
Esme Loans Case Study image
Lancome case study

our formats

4 sheet

4 sheet national rail campaign Birmingham - global

6 sheet

6 Sheet Liverpool campaign

48 sheet

Open University - Coventry - 49 Sheet campaign - global


man on london underground looking at advert

ticket gateway

Linkedin Bristol Ticket Gateways campaign - global


Heart D6 Manchester campaign


D12 Bombay Bicycle Club campaign - global

digital gateway

outdoor national rail campaign by Pantene - global

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The UK's biggest collection of roadside, premium digital and almost every bus in the UK.

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TfL’s Underground & Overground, National Rail, Metro and trams.

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Multiple major airports in the UK including Gatwick and Manchester, cinemas and malls.

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