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Global is the largest provider of bus advertising nationwide. It provides the ability to engage with audiences on the move across the whole of the UK.

It drives dynamic cover irrespective of TV area, city or town, but it does so at scale helping to drive awareness and increase store footfall and brand consideration.

Buses can help rise your brand above the clutter and reach audiences at a local or national level.


Bus passengers are a young, social audience who are always on the go. Whether Metropolitan or Micropolitan, buses are the ideal solution for your brand.

  • 2.2bn bus trips made on London buses alone

Source: Gov.UK annual bus statistics


annual journeys


Of all adults seeing Bus advertising every week, 55% are ABC1

Of all adults seeing Bus advertising every week, 62% are daily TV viewers.

54% of adults age 15-34 see Bus advertising every week


Bus advertising reaches over  48 million adults over a typical two-week period, making it one of the highest reaching marketing mediums available. Buses are particularly effective when targeting illusive 15-34 year-old light TV viewers.

Source: Route

the audience


people reached over a two-week period


more people than Facebook has users


higher than national average for reaching light TV viewers (aged 15-34)


Buses can be found on every high street across the UK and are an integral part of town & city infrastructures. They’re essential in moving consumers at scale around their daily environment.

where there's people, there's buses


of Londoners prefer buses with ads


visit the high street every week

4 in 5

Londoner's recall seeing a Wrapped Bus

brand experience

At Global, we care about how we make audiences feel, through experiences that capture hearts and minds.

Whether it’s raising brand awareness, brand consideration or promoting a new product, our brand experiences make moments matter at key times and in targeted locations to achieve your brand objectives.

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proof that it works

Looking for the success stories? We have an ever-growing library of case studies demonstrating how we helped brands achieve their campaign goals.

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Helping Nestlé’s to drive awareness of and interaction with their new ready-to-drink coffee, Azera Nitro.

View case study

We helped Purplebricks to raise awareness and consideration of their brand and to increase current interactions.

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Farmdrop NRM campaign - global
Nestle_Forward_T-Side REGION 2
Purple Bricks TCP London Underground campaign - Global

local advertising

Looking to reach a local audience?

We can tailor a campaign that reaches your local audience at a national, regional or city level.

Simply select one of the links below to read more about what we can offer in that location.


South EastBrighton,  Ipswich,  Norwich,  Portsmouth,  Reading

South WestBournemouth,  Bristol,  Southampton

MidlandsBirmingham,  Coventry,  Leicester,  Stoke-on-Trent

YorkshireHull, Leeds,  Sheffield,  Bradford,  York

WalesCardiff,  Newport

North East -  Durham,  Newcastle

North WestLiverpool,  Manchester

ScotlandAberdeen,  Dundee,  Edinburgh,  Glasgow,  Inverness,  Stirling


Browse the list below to view the wide range of bus advertising formats we have available, as well as quick links to the production specs.

mega rear

Manchester Mega Rear Total Jobs

Advertising on the entire back of either a double or single-decker bus is the perfect large format solution when targeting in-car audiences. The double-decker canvas is more than 6x the size of a Roadside 6 sheet, meaning it can always be seen. The format has a great presence in cities and town centres, and is known to be highly memorable.

mega t-side

Mega T-Side London Bus Loaf campaign - global

These provide a much larger creative canvas than the standard T-side, especially in landscape. The format is available at 11 key city centre dominations, offering single advertiser ownership with 100% share of voice.


Bus Rear NHS Oxford Thames Valley

Bus rears offer advertisers coverage with low CPT levels at scale. With a local presence on a national level, this format delivers messaging to areas where no other outdoor formats often exist.


Routemaster Road London Chiquita - global
Iconic Routemaster buses spend 70% of their time in Central London, ensuring high levels of coverage for your campaign.

Routemasters are a blank canvas for brands, and can be wrapped and enhanced with special paint finishes, lenticulars or LED lights – going the extra mile to deliver a standout campaign to a concentrated Central London audience.


Bus Streetliner Newcastle BBC Little Mix The Search campaign - global
Streetliners are only available on single-decker buses and typically operate in the peripheries of London. They can deliver local messaging on high frequency regional routes with low CPT entry levels, making Streeliners an ideal format for balanced national coverage, especially where an urban & suburban combination is required.


Bus Superside Topman Bristol

This format is pavement-facing and is positioned high up on the bus for optimum visibility. Supersides provide competitive levels of rare broadcast coverage and are ideal for retail environments. Making 95% pedestrian impacts on high streets across the UK, superside ads deliver prompts to purchase in the right place, and the right time.


Bus T side Kirstall Bridge Leeds

T-Sides are commanding and give brands optimum visibility – always seen above environmental clutter. They offer very high levels of broadcast cover, with a balanced audience split of 45% vehicular VS 55% pedestrian delivery.

wrapped bus

Wrapped Bus Homesense Cardiff

Wrapping buses is an unmissable format for both brand and product launches. Ideal for standing out from the crowd, whether driving colour signature, brand fame and encouraging social engagement.

From London to local towns, this arresting format is available to advertisers. In the capital, these iconic canvases spend over 70% of their time driving around iconic central locations. We also have a number of buses available with a partial sequential message animation on pavement side. Advertisers can tailor their audience targeting on the move with content that’s displayed at specific times, or with GEO fencing.

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The UK's biggest collection of roadside, premium digital and almost every bus in the UK.

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TfL’s Underground & Overground, National Rail, Metro and trams.

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Multiple major airports in the UK including Gatwick and Manchester, cinemas and malls.

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production specs

Click below to view the full library of site artwork requirements

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